Graaffs-Pool - Photo by Brenda

Graaff’s Pool and the Secret Underground Tunnel

Lady Graaff, who use to live across the road from the beach in Seapoint, used to on a daily basis cross the road in front of her home to go swim in the sea for health purposes. There was however a railway line that used to obstruct her path of travel to the beach. To […]

Rock at the Contact Zone

The Contact Zone – Intrusion of Basaltic Volcanic Rock into Granitic Rock

The “Contact Zone” is situated in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. During his visit to the Cape, Charles Darwin, an English natural scientist who established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestry observed the evidence that a catastrophic geological event produced the melting and fusion of rocks. If you drive down to the “Contact […]

Wolraad Woltemade and Vonk

The Story of Wolraad Woltemade and his Horse Vonk – True Heroes

This statue of Wolraad Woltemade by I. Mitford-Barbeton can be found in the grounds of Old Mutual, Pinelands. On 1 June 1773 during a raging storm, a Dutch East India ship named the Jonge Thomas that was anchored at the mouth of the Salt River in Table Bay, broke loose from its anchor and hit rocky shore of […]

Photo taken by Johlet Swiegers

Guest Post by Johlet Swiegers from Our Journey to Everywhere: My South Africa

South Africa, my beautiful country! I am extremely happy to have grown up in this place. Thank you to my parents for not deciding to pack up and leave when times got tough. With a country so diverse and friendly, you cannot help to fall in love with it. When I think back to all […]